Bird island

The bird islands, also known as I’ile au vache is found among the gorgeous 115 islands of the archipelagos of Seychelles. 3000 years ago, the Bird Island was formed by coral shoal. Found in the northern part of Seychelles, the bird island is situated a 100km away from the Mahe Island (largest island of Seychelles). It only takes up to 30 minutes to travel from Mahe to the Bird Island by the sea. Bird Island is known as the world’s largest land tortoises and is a major tourist destination site.

The view from the plane is mesmerising! Imagine having a gorgeous scene of the coral clay merging with the turquoise water, the fine white sanded beach and lastly the lush green interior, sound like heaven, isn’t it?. It is made up of 94 hectares of land and it is famous for its birdlife without forgetting other species such as the green turtles and hawksbill. Home to thousands tropical birds and giant tortoises, today the island has become a major tourist attraction.

If you are a nature fanatic then the island bird should definitely be on your plan list! The bird island is full of interesting natural belongings which brings a vibrant atmosphere. Feel the sweet caress of the nature while hiking down the park.You can be amazed by the views that the bird island offers and you may take great pictures too.

Forget about the land and let’s talk about the marine life! The marine life is 10 times more interesting and 10 times more stunning that the land. Its breath-taking marine life is a treasure trove for divers and nature lovers.

Spending a day at the seaside may be best for your holiday! There is nothing better than sitting under the shaded trees and enjoying the mesmerising lagoon and its clear crystal water with a cold beer in a sunny weather! Get tanned with the sun and free your mind from all stress. Make sure you also discover the marine life of the bird islands. A great adventure ahead is promised to you. Snorkel and dive into the deep sea where you will spot different and colourful species such as the famous giant tortoises!

As a couple, you may also enjoy a great romantic tropical holiday on the bird island. you may spend some good relaxing time with your partner on the beach and perform activities such as snorkelling, diving and many more.