Cerf island Seychelles

Cerf is a small island of the Seychelles archipelago measuring 1.7 kilometer long, 1 kilometer width and a maximum height of 108 meters. It has an area of 1.31 kilometer square. Cerf Island is situated at around 4 kilometers to the northeast of Mahé. The island is part of the Ste Anne Marine National Park. Cerf Island is encircled by a coral reef.

Cerf was given its name during the Seven Year’s War after Frigate Le Cerf, a royal French navy who reached Port Victoria on 1 November 1756.

The island is inhabited by roughly 100 individuals who travel to Mahé for their daily work. The majority of the population of Cerf lives in the southwest corner of the island. Some renowned figures who lived in Cerf Island are Wilbur Smith, a South African novelist, William Bill Travis, an explorer and bounty hunter, Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar who are both great artists.

Cerf Island is administered to Mont Fleuri District which is an administrative district of the Seychelles.


There are quite a few attractions in Cerf island worth for a visit. The island includes a small art gallery, catholic chapel, Anglican chapel and a cemetery. Accommodations are available in three hotel establishments which are the Fairy Tern Chalets, L’Habitation and Cerf Island Marine Park Resort. This means that you may spend the night in the island. These hotels provide high standard accommodations including a spa, a beach bar and small shop where you can grab some souvenirs. The hotels of Cerf Island have snorkeling equipments which they made available for hire.


There are no vehicles circulating in the island. As there are no paved roads constructed in the island, transportation means is limited to the bicycle only. The latter is adequate as the island is pretty small and you can cover the whole island easily on bicycles. There is also no local infrastructure on the island. You can visit the island through boats or helicopters.

Flora & Fauna

The surrounding waters of Cerf Island include more than 150 species of crabs, reef fish, sea urchins, octopi, starfish and many more. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best activities to exploit the full potentials of the island and promise to offer spectacular sights. In the north of the island reside gorgeous coral reefs where you can spot sea turtles and clown fish.

Fruit bat and giant tortoises are found in the island.