Cocos Islands Seychelles

Cocos Islands are a collection of small islands belonging to the Seychelles archipelago. They are located at around 7 kilometers to the north of La Digue. Felicite and Sisters islands are in the vicinity of Cocos Islands.

These islands are among the best spot for spectacular diving as well as snorkeling. Since 1996, the cocos have been a marine park and a renowned destination for excursions. However, visitors can’t spend the night in these islands as there are no means of accommodation available unless you want to sleep in the woods.


Visiting the Cocos Islands

Coco Island is situated just a few kilometers (7km) from La Digue where you should reserve a half day excursion if you want to go on an expedition to Iles aux Cocos. The only way of accessing the Cocos Islands is by the sea. There are several packages available which includes a quick stop on Felicite Island as well as Coco Island.

The area of Cocos is regulated and you will have to cover an entrance fee to gain access to the islands. At the edge of Coco Island is the ideal spot to be! A plain and small white sandy beach awaits you and your friends there! This spot is surrounded by small islet granting a magnificent landscape view. In the lagoon, near the beach, many fishes are present in the water which ranges from 1 to 3 meters deep ideal for a swim. You will quickly feel like swimming in a giant aquarium!

While approaching the small islets, the cross areas includes gorgeous granite rocks and coral beds. As the waters are clean and crystal clear, you are offered with a superb view of the underwater world of the Seychelles which includes hawksbill sea turtles, parrotfish, blue damselfish, spotted eagle rays, deep red anthias and many more!