Denis Seychelles

The island Denis kindly welcomes all kind of tourism, whether you are searching for an adventurous journey or romantic holiday! The island of Denis is a tiny island with a vivid atmosphere; the island is surrounded by plants which make it more precious, breath-taking and fresh! The habitants of the Denis islands believe that giving effort to nature is the only way to receive a beautiful and healthy environment.

Denis Island is the ideal place to spend a day at the seaside. It is renowned for its pristine beauty. You may enjoy a long walk on the flawless white sand, experience an excellent go fishing activity in the mesmerising turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, snorkels in the deep water and meet creatures such as turtles and last but not least spot some of the rarest bird! And yes enjoy all this in a single day!

You will be disconnected to the world once you get there. No signal on the mobile phone, no internet and no cable television! But don’t worry this will help you to reconnect to the real life, to your family. Enjoy the greatest moment of your life with your dearest ones instead losing your time over your phone. Discover an unforgettable mode of luxury. The meals invented by the Denis people are heavenly made out of love and passions. They use only fresh ingredients to make the copious food.

You need no resort when you have an island such as Denis. The private coral island of 375 acres is all you need to spend an ideal holiday! The island offers a variety of activities which are globally recognised. You have both land and water activities where you may contemplate the natural beauty of the island of Denis.

The marine life is considered as the best and a well- protected area in the Seychelles. Moreover the Denis Island is renowned for its clear lagoon and bear in mind that an extraordinary safety is assured to its visitors while swimming in the mesmerising lagoon or walking on the island. You don’t behave to worry about the food as the island promotes healthy copious dishes. Normally people book the entire island for wedding or any other occasion to get full privacy.

With all belongings of the Denis islands, the tiny piece of heaven deserved its reputation. There is no better fish game in the Seychelles than on the Denise islands. The lush and dense forest offers a marvellous views and the journey reserves tones of wonderful of surprises.

You will also spot some giant tortoises roaming on the land and discover several endangered endemic species all around the 50 hectares of woodland. As you walk through the forest you will notice that the secret of the island are slowly being revealed. Contemplate the beauty of the lighthouse which has been present for the last 100 years already. You will also have the opportunity to see the mysterious cemetery which no one knows how long it has been here.

Do not forget to add Denis islands on you plan list as the private Denis islands won the award of World Luxury Hotel for 2 consecutive years which is 2014 & 2015 and is also awarded by Trip Advisor for having the best reviews for 5 years!