Felicite island Seychelles

 The small granitic island is situated 4 kilometres away from the east of the La Digue islands. It is one of the most beautiful islands among the 115 islands of the archipelagos of Seychelles. Back in the early 1900’s, Felicite Island was known for its coconut plantation. Only few of the Seychelles islands are developed when it comes to the natural reserves protection and the Felicite Island is the lucky one among them! It is developed with eco-friendly policies and you will spot several luxury resorts.

The luxury resort on the Felicite islands is owned by la Digue islands. Usually, visitors who stay on the lodge of La Digue islands are taken to the Felicite Island to spend a good day at. The special day includes walk through gorgeous trails, enjoying a little bit of privacy on a deserted island and snorkels in the ravishing turquoise water. Some visitors may take a boat or a helicopter from the Mahe islands to reach the island of Felicite.

The Felicite Island is mostly popular for its enormous granite boulders. Along the shore you will spot the black granite boulders and its lively marine life is home to several species. Full of mystery, the marine life of the Felicite islands brings a curiosity in each and every visitors to ever visit the island! Animals from different colours and sizes can be spotted in the fantasy world.

In the Felicite islands you can find cultivated fruits and vegetables all along the area. Visitors sometimes think that people usually cultivate their own food for survival. There are wild plant including the vanilla orchids, coconut palms, oranges and mango trees all around the islands, making the island more valuable and greenish.

The mountainous part of the island is stunningly breath-taking and interesting. If you are a fan of hiking and biking then Felicite islands is the most suitable place for you to go to enjoy a journey on foot or on bike! You may hike or bike to the highest point of the island which is actually 213 metres high. The views at the top is mesmerising where you can actually have a good look of the Indian Ocean and the other surrounding islands.

The island of Felicite is also home to great interesting snorkelling spots. La Penice is the best place to spend a day at, it is also considered as the best beach of the Felicite islands. Moreover the La Penice is only some metres away from the small lodge with bungalows.

The lodge can actually accommodates up to 16 guests. There are only 3-4 people who live in a bungalow without including the cook, the boat captain and the gardener. The place is best known for its privacy, water activities and the breath-taking views that it offers. It also offers snorkelling, fishing and sailing equipment. There are different sports spots such as tennis courts. The staffs are friendly and copious Creole styled meals are offered. You may also book the hotel for special events such as wedding