Seychelles Activities

The Seychelles is well-known for his cerulean waters and spectacular ribbons of finest white sand. It is not by accident that the Seychelles is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. If you are looking for fun, adventure and exploration you are in the right place. The sea floor has a lot to offer and there is one for everyone’s taste. A wide selection of water activities are proposed there, so let’s discover them.

Kitesurfing in Seychelles

Kite surfing

Due to his ideal weather conditions, the Seychelles attracts more and more Kite surfers around the world. Some new spots are now getting really popular.


  • Location: Mahe Island, Anse aux Pins

Nice waves on the reef and a Lagoon of around 500m.

  • Location: Long Island and Cerf Island.

Several islands lapped by big lagoon and clear water.

  • Location : La Digue, Anse Source d’Argent and Anse grosse roche



You can practice this exciting water sport as a complete beginner or as an expert. You can learn the basics rapidly during the first time in water. Once the notion integrated, you can enjoy the ride and let yourself sail in the wind. There is no better place than Desroches to enjoy Windsurfing.

Avid windsurfers can participate in the annual windsurfing competition. The race starts from Mahe, Seychelles’ main island, and ends in Praslin. Participants are expected to cover this distance in the shortest timeframe possible. In 2014,

In 2002 Stephen Stravens achieved the Mahé – Praslin race in 57 minutes 51.62 seconds. Since this, participating windsurfers have been aiming to break the record but for the moment nobody have succeed. Stravens, has indicated that 2015 could be the last chance for him to attempt breaking the 12 year standing record he set in 2002, but unfortunately he did not manage to do it. However his name has become synonymous with the sport due to his multiple winnings over the years.



The Seychelles is a haven for snorkelers due to its most spectacular, untouched coral reefs and exotic fish. The archipelago is one of the safest marine environments in the world. Some of the most amazing snorkeling spots in the world are in the Seychelles. There is abundance marine life just waiting to be explored.

While snorkeling there are many species of fish to be seen. Your butler can organized all your off-site activities which offer opportunities to sight a turtle surrounded among 100s of other tropical fish.

diving in Seychelles


The archipelago is known to be a truly memorable adventure with remarkable encounters for divers of all ages and levels. Indeed Seychelles offers impressive and diverse diving opportunities due to his perfect location for diving all year round. The best months for diving are March, May and October and the water temperature varies between 26°C and 30°C. A diverse range of diving sites will allow you to discover coral reefs abounding in life, sceneries with an imposing architecture made of arches, mysterious caves and tunnels and a lot of new treasure. Marine life you can expect to see around the inner reefs includes: angelfish, octopus butterflyfish, nudibranchs, lionfish and mantis shrimp. You may see as well hump head wrasses, napoleon, reef sharks, turtles, manta rays. So with his safe swimming conditions, warm water and excellent visibility you’ll feel like a fish in water.



Seychelles are a perfect sea kayaking destination because there are so many islands in close proximity to one another. It is an easy way by kayaking from island to island to see a lots of different landmarks and discover hidden coves that are not always accessible to the average tourist. While enjoying a leisurely paddle around the island be prepared to be joined by turtles, dolphins and many other marine species. Local beaches are among the best in the world.

Stand up Paddle Board in Seychelles

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Originated in Hawaii the Stand up paddle boarding is a fairly new sport, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Using a paddle to push ourselves through the water, the rider stands up on a long board. While getting a moderate workout you can take in the views and enjoy the sunshine. SUPing is accessible to everyone even if you have a moderate fitness level and the the basics can be learnt within the hour. You can catch a few waves if you are a more experienced rider.



You will not have to venture far from the shores to beat Seychellois fishing records in the archipelago. The professional or the enthusiast fishermen return each year to enjoy fishing in these waters where world records were recorded for bonefish, bonito, giant guitarfish, humphead maori wrasse and dogtoothtuna.

Seychelles has sea bottom among the richest in the world. The abundance of species will allow you a large fishing experience. This experience will be unforgettable whether you are a beginner or experienced fisherman.

The traditional bottom fishing promises you to fish some of the most delicious in the world. Seychelles became the epicenter of the Salt Water. Fly-fishing and your lines are placed along the beautiful shallow edges of the outer islands that will give you the opportunity to capture the silvery bonefish and hence try to sign in the record books. The fly fishing in blue water is becoming increasingly popular.

From the abundantly stocked Indian Ocean, fishing trips in the archipelago offer the excitement of catching some of the biggest game. Your chef can prepare it for you, just the way you like it, once you’ve landed your catch.



Are you wondering if you can get some Surfing in while on holiday on the island of Mahé?

Surf is drawing surfers even if the Seychelles do not have the biggest waves in the world. The islands are less crowded than other destinations, so it can really be an amazing experience. May to September is the best time of the year to surf in Seychelles. Mahé and Praslin are the most popular islands for surfing. The water is warm year round, but as the sun is intense it is recommended that you bring a long sleeved rash guard!