Seychelles: Exotic Vacation!

The 115-islands archipelago that make up the Seychelles are like emeralds scattered across the Indian Ocean, set in a multicolored sea of blues and greens. Seychelles Islands are already famous for its tropical beauty and its post cards sceneries. In fact it may be the perfect escape for those looking to “get away from it all.” Moreover, the word “exotic” is going to rock your senses either in its culture, cuisine or places.


A colorful culture

The ablaze blend of peoples, who have different races, cultures and religious, shape the cosmopolitan Seychellois. Spread over time, Africans, Europeans and Asians have travelled to Seychelles bringing with them their own values and traditions which have modeled the vibrant Seychellois culture.


Want to dance?

The mixture of French and African (Creole) influences has created three types of music with a dance, commonly associated: the moutia, a style originating with the slaves on Seychelles, sega, with strong African influences, and contredanse – a style of country song and dance with roots in France and England.


Want to be in a Seychellois shoes for one day?

The annual Creole Festival is held in the last week of October in the capital Victoria. It is a celebration expressing Creole culture through plenty of local music, dancing and theater productions going on all week. There you will be able to sample traditional food, enjoy drinks, purchase local art and have fun.


Arriving in Seychelles will lead you to meet welcoming people and a calming atmosphere, creating the perfect vacation’s destination.


An amazing tropical panorama

Most tourists are attracted by the shining beaches and turquoise waters that dot the Indian Ocean. In fact one of the Seychelles’ pearl is the coral atolls which are home to giant lagoons sheltering the marine wildlife. Enjoy your holidays on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.





Beau Vallon is the most popular beach resort scintillating on the northern coast of Mahé. This sweeping bay of white sand and clear waters gather together hotels with water sport and diving centers. The beach is for those wishing to do something a little more energetic than soaking up the sun. Moreover, with its natural beauty, the bay is fantastic for scuba diving, as it offers a variety of submarine landscape.


Beau Vallon is also very safe for children due to its safe swimming area, as there are no strong currents, no rocks or corals underfoot and a lifeguard service is supplied.


Heaven in earth for Divers!

 Seychelles islands provide both divers and non-divers with a wonderful submarine spectacle. There you will love diving and/or snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) in the beautiful azure lagoons. You will be able to contemplate a myriad of multicolored tropical fish.

The best spot to dive remains Desroches Island.

Desroches Island 

Desroches Island is blessed with prospering marine life and coral reef. Offering an aquamarine breathtaking scenery, it is located at the center of a coral atoll and natural marine sanctuary. The vast virgin reefs, which are still in a good condition, shelter turtles and multi-colored fish. Moreover, many passionate will enthusiastically show you their favorite spot.


The island offers a diverse range of diving sites: coral reefs abounding in life, endless drops decorated with sumptuous gorgonian fans, sceneries with an imposing architecture made of arches, tunnels and mysterious caves, rusted shipwrecks that conceal unsuspected “treasures”…





Praslin is the second largest island in the Seychelles and the most popular with tourists. The island is well-known for its sumptuous beaches.



Anse Lazio – Elected World’s best beach

 Anse Lazio is frequently elected as “the best beach in the world” by numerous travel publications and newspapers. Why? Situated on the north-west corner of Praslin in Bay Chevalier, it is a perfect crescent of soft, fine grained sand. Moreover, the beach is relatively deep, from the fringe of Takamaka trees and palms to the waves of the warm Indian Ocean. There you will feel secluded and you will be able to relax and forget any stress. Finally, due to its location, Anse Lazio is perfectly situated to experience the full and stunning force of a Seychelles sunset



Vallée de Mai


Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, terrestrial fans will obviously want to visit Vallée de Mai. This tropical and virgin forest is the best place to ogle at the coco de mer, which is the famous palm that yields the world’s biggest fruit and vanilla orchids.


This forest shelters a wide biodiversity. In fact, there you can found some of the rarest bird of the Seychelles like the Seychelles Bulbul and the endemic Black Parrot.




La Digue


The most charming of the 3 islands of the Seychelles, la Digue is famous for its incredible beaches, its authenticity and calmness. Seemingly, the array of deserted beaches are more beautiful than the next. In fact you will be astound by the beauty and virginity of the landscape.

Anse Source D’Argent


According to visitors there is one beach that stands out from the crowd: Anse Source d’Argent.

The small crescent pink sand beaches, which are separated by gigantic granite, represent this amazing Seychellois coastline. It is also famous for their unusual curves worn by weathering.

For those who want to snorkeling and sun bathing, this unique beach is surrounded by a reef.
You won’t be disappointed as Anse Source d’Argent was elected many time as “one of the best beach in the world”!


A tasteful food

Both in landscape and culture, Seychelles is also a diverse place in culinary delights! Creole cuisine features the exoticism of Indian dishes, the piquant flavors of the Orient and the subtleties of French cooking. This creates a surprising and wonderful taste sensation for anyone who has tried it. In fact the local cuisine highlights the colorful diversity among the population.

You can’t visit Seychelles without tasting traditional food! It is a once in a lifetime experience! The rice and curry, based on fish or meat, often used with coconut milk, will agreeably tickle your taste bud.


Seychelles, as you have never experienced it before!