Best food recipes of the Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelagos of 115 islands which is ideally found in the Indian Ocean. Each of the islands are unique in their own way! They are mostly known for their mesmerising beaches, clear lagoon and unique coral reefs. Some of the beaches of the Seychelles islands are considered among the world’s most beautiful beaches, most of them are found in the Mahe islands.

Besides its extra-ordinary beaches, the Seychelles culinary is also a tourist attractor! If you are ever planning to go to Seychelles and you are a very choosy person, no worries! If there is a thing that is never lack of in the Seychelles islands, is food! Choosy people would probably want what they are used to consume. Don’t worry, as the Seychelles is not only about the creole food but it is about Asian, African, European and Indian food.

If you are a great fan of food and like to discover different meal then you are on the very right path! You will get to discover a whole world of new stuff in the Seychelles, new taste of snacks, meal, salad and dessert. Some might actually sound weird to you but honestly they taste heavenly. There are food vendors, bars, mini & luxury restaurant and stalls all over the place. From snacks to delicious meal, the Seychelles islands is the best place for food lovers! Here are some of the most famous and best recipes that you will find in the Seychelles islands.

Dhall Pooris

Dhall Pooris

The Dhall Pooris is a delicious recipe which the Seychellois adores. It is an easy made recipe mostly considered as an Indian invention. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. The Dhall Pooris is made up of turmeric, Dhall (500g of yellow split peas), turmeric powder to change its colour to yellow, salt and 750 g of all purposes flour, water (depends). All the ingredients are mixed together with water and to make a nice and soft paste with it then cooked in low heat on a pan.

Balinese Pancake

Balinese Pancake

The Balinese pancake is something you should definitely taste! It is a super delicious invention. The recipe is realised with coconut, flour and sugar. Firstly, the coconut is grated, then water is added to the flour (all purposes) and whisk until it becomes a soft liquid paste. The grated coconut and sugar is added to the liquid paste then it is cooked in an oily pan at low heat.

One Pan Lemon pepper Salmon

One Pan Lemon pepper Salmon

Here is something that everyone is fun of, the famous one pan lemon pepper salmon. The Seychellois are crazy about seafood! The one pan lemon pepper salmon is also a very much easy meal to accomplish. The combination of the lemon, garlic and parmesan flavour is simply a delight! The one pan lemon pepper in made with salmon, garlic, lemon and parmesan. The salmon is flavoured with lemon, garlic and parmesan then is grilled to perfection.

Fried Banana and seafood

Most of the time the fried banana is accompanied with grilled fish. Ever hear of fried banana? Well, it is a great opportunity to taste it! The raw banana is cut into pieces then fried at high heat until it becomes crusty. When it is cooled, paprika, salt and pepper are added to it. The fried banana is mostly accompanied by seafood such as grilled fish or grille shrimp.

Grilled seafood

Fresh Grilled Fish Seychelles

Grilled seafood!!! The grilled seafood of the Seychelles islands is like no other. You might have ate tasty grilled seafood but the Seychellois grilled seafood is exceptional, it has a secret behind its tasty grilled food. Whether it is fish, shrimp or octopus, all the grilled food are cooked the same way with the same secret ingredient.The seafood is seasoned with lemon zest, garlics, pepper and salt (to taste) then it is cooked on coconut husk which is the secret to the most perfect grilled seafood of all the time!

Beignets de Banane

Another use of banana is the Beignets de Banane, it is a famous as well as a very easy recipe! The Seychellois usually sells it on the street as snacks! To make this delicious snack or why not dessert, some bananas, flour (of all purposes), sugar and water is needed! Cut each banana into 3 pieces, use water to make a paste with the flour, add sugar to it then dip the bananas pieces in to it then fried it to perfection. You may add icing sugar as topping if you want but it’s not necessary.

Homemade fruit

Homemade fruit will really please your children. Instead of letting your children eating unhealthy stuff just try this easily homemade recipe. The fruit snack is made up with 1 cup of pureed fruit (by your taste), 1 cup of a strongly concentrated juice, unflavoured gelatine mixed with a cup of water and finally 1 cup of honey. Just mixed up everything together then let it cool down until it becomes jelly.

Poulet coco

Poulet coco

The Poulet coco in other word the coconut chicken. This recipe is for 4 to 5 persons but you may also double or lessen the ingredient if you want to. This delicious dish is made up of chicken, 1 big onion, 2 table spoon of curry, 1 big tomato, chilli, 20 cl of coconut milk, 2 table spoon of olive oil and lemon zest. Firstly the chicken is chicken is cooked then take off the heat, then the onion, tomato, curry, chilli are added to the pan. Add the chicken when all the ingredient became a paste, then finally add the coconut milk and salt (to taste) and let boiled to a thicker paste. It can be served with bread or rice.

Mango and Avocado salad

Here is something to be eaten during summer! The light appetizers avocado salad is very tasty and it doesn’t need much ingredient. Only four ingredient is needed to make this copious salad which are lemon zest, avocado, mango and olive oil. You just need to add all the ingredient together to make the perfect salad.