Best restaurants in the Seychelles

The islands of the Seychelles are ideally situated in the Indian Ocean. It consist of 115 islands, each of them have their own unique features. Each of the islands of the Seychelles follows the creole way of living. People from all around the world including India, Africa, Europe and china has bought with them their culture and their culinary methods. You will never complain about its food as there is all kind of food available on the islands. You may find familiar foodies such as noodles, curry, burgers, pizza and biryani. It has quite a very good reputation when it comes to food!

Restaurant in the Mahe islands

Anse Soleil Café

Anse Soleil Café Seychelles

The Anse Soleil Café is an ideal place for seafood lovers. Found in the inner islands of the Seychelles, this popular restaurant is where you would dream to have a romantic or family dinner. It is situated at one of the most mesmerising beaches in the Mahe islands. The open air restaurant is actually best for family. The café emphasis more on seafood than any other food including meat and fries but there are options for these too.

The little piece of heaven does a hopping lunch business and remains busy up to dinner time! Kindly note that the Café will take its last order at 7hr30 pm. The meals servings actually depend on the number of person you have on the table. A couple ordering a meal would have two plates while a group of 5 persons ordering the same meal would have 5 plates. Make sure you order all you want at the same time as the service might take longer when you order one by one. Eat out of your hunger! The Anse Soleil Café is closed during the month of June. For more information you may call on 436- 1700/ 436 – 1085/ 251- 12 12.

Boat House Restaurant

Boat House Restaurant Seychelles

A large and vivid open air restaurant is for all types of food eaters! Found across the street of the famous Beau Vallon beach, the Boat House Restaurant is a dream place for food lovers. Every day whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner the restaurant serves copious creole buffet with a minimum of 20 dishes on the buffet table. There is a variety of choice whether it is for salads, meat or seafood. The salads are colourful and with tones of flavours including the mango, starfruit and papaya.

You have the opportunity to serve yourself and take as much as you would like to except for the grilled fish and grilled chicken you will have to order for it fish and then wait until it is cooked. It also has delicious curries which you can take as much as you want while the price remains the same. Do come with an empty stomach to be able to taste each and every dish including its dessert. The restaurant is projecting to open up a sushi bar in the future. If you want to learn more about the Boat House Restaurant you may call on 424- 7898.

Restaurant on the Praslin islands

Beach Bar & Grill

Beach Bar & Grill Seychelles

The elegant restaurant is situated at the mesmerizingly beautiful beach, Constance Lemuria. The decoration as well as its culinary is inspired by the creole culture itself. It’s a gorgeous setting with beautifully arranged table and very pleasant colours all around the place and most importantly the staff are very welcoming.

The Beach Bar & Grill is well worth for at least a visit, whether it is for lunch or dinner. A variety of delicious creole meals are on the menu. At lunch you will most likely have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes like white fish- it is marinated fish with lemongrass oil and this plate is served on a dried coconut and this is dip in an special and tasty homemade piquant creole sauce. As dinner you might get options such as grilled pork ribs.

While eating your lunch or dinner you may take advantage to contemplate the ocean and the breezes that cross from bay to bay giving a lively and pleasant atmosphere. There is a wonderful bird eye view of the reefs and it will surely be the first thing you eye will catch sight of. Make sure you call and reserve your place before going there. For further information you are recommended to call on 428- 1091.

Café Des Arts

Café Des Arts Seychelles

The Café Des Arts is considered as the best restaurant in the island of Praslin. Most precisely the famous funky restaurant is ideally situated right on Code d’Or, which is actually considered among the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles. It is also probably the best place to eat seafood in the islands of Praslin. The Café Des Arts has a really good reputation on its food, its welcoming and the way it serves its client.

Having a dinner at Café Des Arts will probably realise a dream of yours, get ready to meet the fussiest fine diner’s expectation! Some of the most recommended dishes in the restaurant are the famous octopus gratin with lobster and the tuna carpaccio. The tuna carpaccio is top up with garlics and olive oil. However if you don’t want to order these you will still have a large variety of copious meal to choose.

Forget not to save some space in your belly for the desserts as all of them are fabulously decadent. Surely you will have the best time of your life especially if you are a seafood lover. While having your dinner or lunch you will have the opportunity to hear some good music playing and will have to assist of an incredibly friendly service. If you went at the restaurant to have lunch you will notice that the menus are a little bit lighter and it is beautifully served on wooden deck which is actually set on the golden sand. You may also take a cocktail, bury your feet in the sand and contemplate the breath-taking view of the Cote d’Or. You may call on 423-2252 to learn more about the restaurant.