Diving Seychelles

diving in Seychelles


The Seychelles is a great attraction to adventurous visitors and cultural seeking tourists. There is nothing better than the tropical islands; the turquoise water, the finest sand, and the scuba diving in the Seychelles. There are unlimited stuff to discover and millions of things to experience in the Seychelles.

The best diving sites are found in the centre of the inner islands on Mahé Island, where most tourists actually go to visit.

The inner islands are round up of mountain ranges, an excellent marine life while great PADI diving facilities are available. The inner islands are well-known to for its impressive firmness reef and real coral reefs. Dive sites such as the Ennerdale wreck and Brissare rocks are well recognised by the world.  Each of the islands has their own sites diving site which offers amazing reef locations and are promising places where you can spot abundant multi-colouring fishes, colourful corals and rocks. These natural resources were well conserved by the republic of the Seychelles which have strict rules set out to preserve the environment. However only islands to the south have wall dives.

The outer islands dives are off coral atolls and sand cays. Diving in the outer island will lead you to another experience.  Aldabra, a legendary place to dive in, is well known for its exciting drift dive passing through the giant lagoon. Green turtles are commonly spotted by divers in the Aldabra.  The turtles can swim under water and walk on land.

Seasons & conditions

The ideal time to dive both in the inner & the outer islands are April/May/October and November where the water temperature of the Seychellois sea rises to 29 degree Celsius. The water temperature in December and January is pretty much the same as in the calm season with just a little bit of wind added. From May to September, it is not considered to be the best time to dive as the winds are way too much strong.

diving in Seychelles

Diving in the Mahé islands

The Mahé islands, is where most of the attractions of the Seychelles are found. Mahé has over 50 diving sites. This beautiful island has more diverse diving compared to the other 114 islands in the Seychelles.

There is always something thrilling in the Mahé islands. Besides having the most beautiful beaches and being the largest island among the inner islands, Mahé, is also known for the diverse underwater species located in its waters.

Blue sea divers

Blue sea divers is ideally situated in the heart of Beau Vallon on Mahé island, the principal island of the Seychelles. The blue sea offers diving courses, driving trips and snorkelling excursions on a daily basis. They also offer you the choice of diving on your own pace with their packages of full day or half day excursions that they propose. To facilitate their customers, the diving centre also provides transportation from the dive centre to the hotel, for those that did not planned to stay. The staffs are professional, well trained and have elevate experience to guarantee your safety and security during the trip.

All groups are under the supervision of these qualified divers. Your security is guaranteed. The members of the staff are helpful; they describe everything in the simplest way for its visitors to understand.

The Blue sea Dive centre in beau Vallon leaves for the diving at 9hr00 in the morning and are back at around 12hr 30. For the afternoon trip they head out at 14hr00 and return at 15hr30.


Diving in la Digue

La Digue has been upgraded during the past years and is now no more a place where people will just stop by for only one day. It has become a key destination, due to its natural and manmade resources invested in the islands by private hotels.

There are several hotels in La Digue which proposes amazing diving time experience in the waters of the island.

Various colourful fishes, octopus and many different species are present in the waters of La Digue, making it an ideal place for a diving session.

You can also choose long range dive sites where you will find the 3 different types of sharks roaming around on the reef. Several dive sites are available in La Digue such as Ave Maria, Channel rocks, White Bank and many more.

Azzurra Pro dive

Azzurra pro dive is ideally situated in the centre of the island of la Digue. The people working at Azzurra are friendly enough to make you feel comfortable. You will surely have an amazing underwater experiment, whether it is your first time, second time or you are a professional diver.

The diving centre offers beginner and profession level PADI diving courses.

diving in Seychelles

Diving in Praslin

Praslin Island is the second largest islands among the inner islands. Praslin’s underwater resources include a rich marine life which divers are sure to find a liking to.

You can contemplate the beauty of the nature, the clear crystal water of the Indian Ocean. Reef fish species of various types and colours are found in the surrounding waters of Praslin Island. These fishes feed themselves over sponges that cover the rocks in the lagoons of the island. These rocks are also home to different type of species.

The most perfect time for diving is at night when the rocks are vividly colourful. Multi creatures such as lobsters and craps get out of their habitant in search of food to survive another night. Now imagine how beautiful the place is.

Whitetips Divers

Whitetips Divers is a dive centre located in Praslin. The latter offers the opportunity to the visitors to make their diving experience a memorable time of their life. The staff members are very friendly and are willing to show you the taste of another experiment. They are professional divers, which guarantee your security and a great voyage, full of new thing to discover. They are furnished with modernise equipment of 20 sets of snorkelling gear, 25 full sets of SCUBAPRO equipment and 55 aluminium tanks.

You have a choice of 17 dive sites where you can go to a depth of 8-2- metres long, rarely deeper than 20 metres. Have the opportunity to meet up with lots of underwater species such as the yellow snapper, grey nurse shark and jackfish.