Fishing in the Seychelles

Fishing in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago consisting in addition 115 islands. You will never get bored on its islands as there is always something new to discover, something trilling to experience. As a matter of fact the territory of the marine archipelagos actually spreads over 1.3 million KM of the Indian Ocean. Are you a fan of fishing? Or, you always dreamt to go fishing but never really had an opportunity to realise your dream? Well, it is your biggest chance to discover a truly amazing fishing experience with the Seychelles.

The fishing opportunities are incredibly infinite, which is indeed an ideal aquatic paradise to fisherman and those who go fishing in their free time! There is a range of fishing option in the Seychelles; it starts from fly fishing to deep sea fishing. The Seychelles is compromised with 43 inner and 72 outer islands which are also known as granitic and coralline islands. The Seychelles is full of fishing spot, you may find great spot from many of the islands but there are only 3 best islands which are the Bird islands, the Alphonse islands and lastly the Farquhar Atoll.

Bird islands

Fishing in the Seychelles bird island

Yes,its name might say ‘’BIRD’’, but doubtlessly it is among the three best island for fishing. The tiny island is situated 65 miles away from the largest of the islands of Seychelles which is Mahe. The bird island is actually a shelter to a colony of sooty terns. If you go there from May to October, you have a 100% chance to see the sooty terns flying as during that period of time they built their nest at the Bird islands.

Forget about the Birds now and let’s concentrate more on the ocean. The Bird Island offers the ideal spot for fishing! Rare species such as Trevally and the Bone fish are found in the deep sea of the Indian Ocean. Fly fishing, the easiest one of all fishing levels is offered for free however the clients should bring his/her equipment. You don’t have to worry about where to stay, to eat or spend time at as there are at least 24 fan-cooled bungalows, bars, restaurants, library and boutiques!

Farquhar Atoll

The Farquhar Atoll is found in the south and it is said to be the most southern atoll and it is ideally situated 700 KM south west away from the Mahe islands. The lagoon is up to 18 Km in length and with several flats between the Ile du Sud and Ile du Nord. The large lagoon with all its coral and weeds makes a perfect fishing spot to all fishing lovers. There is a variety of rare fishes such as hump-head parrotfish, yellowfin tuna, trevally and many more of different size and colours.

The guest house at the Farquhar Atoll can actually host a maximum of 10 persons for 7 days round. The lodge is quit spacious with 5 twin bedrooms; all of them have an air conditioner. You may take advantage of the hot water to take a shower. Services such as laundry, breakfast, lunch, dinner and housekeeping are provided. The main dining area is where all meals are served. The package includes water and soft drinks however you should buy beers or any other alcohols at the bar.

Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island

The Alphonse Atoll lies south west away from the largest island of Seychelles which is the Mahe islands. Alphonse, Bijoutier and St.Francois are the three islands which forms the Alphonse atoll. The lagoon at the Alphonse islands extends over 10,000 acres. The sand flats around the Alphonse Atoll makes the spot an ideal place to fish. A large population of bonefish, huge trevally, and various types of tuna, barracuda and more species can be spotted. The most interesting thing about fishing in the Alphonse Island is that the Alphonse Fishing Company allows a maximum of 12 persons to stay in weekly, offering a unique fishing experience to all its customers. The journey starts with a boat ride in a 40 foot catamaran namely Tam Tam. The customers should pair up and then they will be guided to fish around the atoll. The Alphonse island resort offers luxurious beachside chalets, Jacuzzi and also internet access.