Foods in the Seychelles


Seychelles is an archipelagos found in the Indian Ocean. Consist of 114 islands, the Seychelles has now become a major tourist attraction. Many people travel from distance to visit and explore the beauty of the country. Besides its beauty and all its treasures, the Seychelles has one of the best culinary in the world!

The cuisine is actually made up of a unique fusion of flavours from different countries such like French, Chinese, English and Indian! The culinary of the Seychellois was invented over centuries, making it a major tourist attraction itself. All spices are combined together to give the perfect taste of a real Seychellois cuisine. Doubtlessly, you will find anything you would like to eat in the Seychelles islands. As a matter of fact the Seychellois cuisine, with all its flavours plates, it has a unique place in the world of cooking.

The Seychellois are big fans of cooking hot dishes and they are based and specialised on seafood. Most of the time the Seychellois eat fresh food which come directly from the garden or fishing boat. However some of the habitant plant or fish to safe their money. You will find 10 variety of chillies, each of them gives a different flavour and suitable for special dishes.

Roasted, curried, raw or fried fish is accompanied by the ‘’chatini’’, a very tasty receipt invented by the Seychellois themselves. The chatini can be made up of tamarind or coconut. The fish is also served with cooked vegetables, raw mangoes, raw fruits or even eggplant. Vinaigrette also is used as a top up on the fish making it have a unique taste of the Seychellois cuisine. The most favourite and demanded dishes are the green papaya salad and the tasty coconut fish curry.

Besides the chilli and the seafood, the breadfruit and the coconut are also a tradition in many of the Seychellois dishes. Everything of the coconut that can be eaten are used in most of the recipes. Even the heart of the coconut trees is used in some dishes. The local people always add breadfruit and rice in each and every of their meal, it is like a tradition to them.

Vegetables and fruits such as Papaya, aubergines, golden apples, mangoes, choux chutes, melons, avocados, pineapple and limes are some of the most commonly grown and used plants by the locals. The Seychellois use meats such as pork, beef, octopus, lamb and fish in most of their dishes.Back in the time the eastern Africa introduced manioc, sweet potatoes, ginger, vanilla, garlic and banana to the Seychellois. The Indian brought their very treasury ‘caris masala’recipe which means curry.

The curry

The Curry Seychelles

The curry is a mixture of vegetables, beef/ fish/ octopus and most importantly the famous masala which gives the heavenly taste of the dish. The masala is in fact made up of fenugreek, cumin, coriander, cloves, saffron and lastly the mustard seeds.

The pulao

The pulao is a famous dish which resembles ‘biryani’ but taste differently. The Pulao is a mixture of chopped vegetables and meat (beef or chicken), can also be fish. The Pulao is best served with tamarind chutney and pickles.

The Chinese came with a dimension of flavour in addition the famous and tasty pork curry and the crab soup with citronella and potato for better taste. The pork curry is easily made with tomato, masala and of course pork itself. The giant crab soup is also made up of tomatoes, chopped onions, crabs, sweet potato and citronella. However there are also very rare but rally tasty food that you must surely have to taste at least once in your lifetime.

The ‘Rousettes’

If you ever see the word ‘Rousettes’ on a menu card just know that it is the fruit bats. The Rousettes is found in many of the Seychellois restaurant but it is cooked in different ways, each having a unique taste. The fruit bats is really tasty and incomparable dishes but it remains a challenge to eat as there are many tiny bones that you should avoid.

Shark chutney

The shark chutney is a local Seychellois dish which is used in many dishes. The shark chutney is obviously made up of sharks and many other ingredient including cucumber, turmeric, fried onion, turmeric, lime juice and bilimbi. The shark is boiled, mashed and then cooked with all the other ingredients. After that salt and pepper are added according to taste. Most of the time, the shark chutney is served with rice, papaya salad and lentils.


The Ladob is considered as both a dessert and a savoury. The famous dish as a dessert is a mixture of breadfruit, cassava, sweet potato. The entire ingredients are boiled in coconut milk and then add sugar and vanilla for better taste. The Ladob is creamy and soft.The savoury version includes all the ingredient of the dessert but salted fish are exceptionally added instead of sugar and vanilla.

The Freshest Seafood

Seafood Seychelles

Visitors always aims to have a taste of what rare or unseen in their country. Visitors of the Seychellois will have the golden opportunity to taste sharks, kingfish, octopus and Red Snapper. The red Snapper is best when it is grilled with ginger or garlic. This is a plate served alongside with vegetables, rice and salads. The best steaks are made with Tuna and King fish, it is grilled with garlic and butter and the served with a delicious Seychellois sauce which is made up of tomatoes, onions, cayenne pepper and green bell pepper (can also be of any colour)

Octopus curry

Octopus curry

The octopus curry is a main and copious dish of the Seychellois. Most Seychellois cooked octopus curry really often. The delicious dish is made up of masala, tomato, onions and of course octopus. Salt are added to taste at the end of the cooking!


The Tec-Tec is a shellfish which can be eaten raw or boiled. The white small shellfish is a real pleasure to the mouth, especially when it is cooked as soup with pumpkin.