Fregate Island Seychelles

Fregate Island Seychelles

Fregate Island is a privately own island in the Seychelles archipelago. It is pretty small, having an area of 2.07 kilometer square.  It is located at 55 kilometers to the east of the main island of the Seychelles, Mahé.

The island got its name from the explorer Lazare Picault. The latter derived the name Fregate due to the population of Frigate birds that are living in the island.

Fregate Island

Fregate is covered with lush trees which comprises of mainly the takamaka, Indian almond and cashew tress. For 200 years, the island was used for intense agricultural practices which occurred during the plantation era. As a result, the native woodland almost completely disappeared. However, there is a conservation team which are replanting over 10 000 indigenous trees to restore the natural habitat of the island. They are even planting rare trees such as the Wrights Gardenia and the Indian Mulberry.



Fregate Island is renowned for the luxury resort Oetker Collection which is funding the environmental program that is restoring the island’s natural habitat. There are several tourist attractions on the island. There is the famous Anse Victorin which is a beach that was elected as the World’s Best Beach by the Times.

There are over fifteen villas on the island. They were constructed mainly to fund the conservation project via luxury tourism. Attractions in the island include a yacht club, 2 restaurants, a spa, a catholic chapel, museum and a library. Snorkeling and diving activities are very famous in Fregate which is located near the Drop Off for Big Game Fishing.

Some renowned beaches on the island are Anse Maquereau, Anse Victorin and Anse Bambous, La Cour,Grande Anse, Anse Felix, Anse Parc and Anse Coup de Poing.You can move around the island either on foot, by golf buggy or using a bicycle. Motor Vehicles are not adequate in the island as there are no paved roads in Fregate.

Fauna of Fregate Island

Fauna of Fregate Island

There are two distinct species of sea turtles which are critically endangered in the island which are namely the Hawsbill Turtle and the Green Turtle. Both species uses the beaches of the island as a nesting habitat. There are also around 2200 Aldabra giant tortoise in Fregate. Many endemic species can be found on the island such as the Flightless Fregate Island giant tenbrionid beetle. Some species of millipedes also roam in the island.


The inhabitants make their livings in tourism, agriculture, conservation and fishing. Fregate possesses its own harbor. However, if you want to visit the island by boat, you will have to produce a rate free license to be granted access. Fregate also has a helicopter landing pad which means that you can also reach the island by helicopter. There is an airport which is equipped with a dirt runway of just over 500 meters in length.