Inland Activities in the Seychelles


The islands of the Seychelles are surrounded by water but that does not mean that the Seychelles has only water sports activities reserved for its visitors. There are diverse means to enjoy yourself in the Seychelles and here are the best ones to consider. Choose between adrenaline rush activities such as Sky diving, must see attractions, explore the many outstanding natural landscape with helicopter tours and most of all don’t miss the famous island-hopping activity in the Seychelles.


Shopping in the Seychelles

So you have come from a long way home and you definitely don’t want to come back empty handed. You got to do some shopping for souvenirs to bring back home and to buy some gifts for your friends and family. Now, the best place for shopping in the Seychelles would be in the capital of the main island of the archipelago, Victoria Seychelles where you will find the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market.


Helicopter tour

Helicopter tour seychelles

Make the best out of your vacation through the helicopter tours experiences and re discover the enjoyments of a lifetime in the Seychelles. Grab the opportunity to contemplate the panoramic views of the Seychelles and take home with you souvenir pictures to show to your family and friends why the Seychelles is really a paradise on earth.

There are many established excursion provider in the Seychelles where you can grab Helicopter Tours packages at the most affordable and worthwhile rates. From standard scenic option to luxurious excursion, every cent you spend on these packages sure are worth the returns which comes in the forms of one in a lifetime experiences and lots of trills, amazements and enjoyments manifesting themselves through cheers and goose bumps!

Although not very cheap, Helicopter Tours do make you travel in a wonderful style and it is markedly quicker than by the sea.


Skydiving in the Seychelles

Skydiving in the Seychelles

Skydiving is available in the Seychelles and it is definitely among the top adrenaline rush activities that you have ever done. Seriously, imagine hurtling towards the beautiful beach of Mahe but at 14000 feet above sea level at a speed of 120mph. How does it feel? Frightening or exciting? Well if you have heart problems then you are recommended to stay away from it. However, for those who looks for excitements and adventures, then be our guests.

Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving is available in the Seychelles and it is most suitable for the first timers out there! Tandem skydiving actually consists of skydiving while being securely attached to a qualified instructor. The latter is much more secured than diving alone while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the activity much more and allow yourself to be carefree during the trip. Just let the instructor do the thinking and work while you enjoy the ride!

We all wished to fly and would grab an opportunity to do so if we would be presented with one in our lifetime. Skydiving is not exactly flying but it should give you an overview of the experience of it. The free fall will last for a minute travelling at a speed of 200 kilometer per hour during which you will be able to do all kinds of gymnastic tricks and mess around with your friends and family. Imagine this free fall towards this beautiful scenery of blues and greens, which are the oceans and the lush vegetations of the island.

After a minute of freefall, your parachute will be triggered by your instructor and a 5 minute parachute drive awaits you and will bring you around the island. Your excursion is now coming to an end but you will bring your memories home with you!


Horse riding with Turquoise horse trails

horseback riding Seychelles

Turquoise horse trails is an organization which promises a lot for the visitors of the Seychelles. They offers one of the best ways to explore the beaches of the archipelago on the back of horses. The tracks takes you from lush tropical jungle and extends into the world’s most gorgeous beaches bringing the perfect stage sets for romantic honeymooners, explorers and precious family times.

The packages consist of a one hour ride and a two hour ride at a rate of 90 euros and 160  euros per person respectively. Beginners will be supervised by high trained staff while the more experienced ones will be allowed to ride alone. Novice riders will have a guide that will be there to help with controls if they deduce it to be necessary. Note that children under the age of fifteen will be guided regardless of their level of expertise and experience.

Here is an extract from the website of the Turquoise horse trails to help you get a better picture of the beach ride that is expecting you. You may go to their link for bookings and more information.

Beach Ride

  • 1H – The one hour ride leads out from the Tropical jungle trail filled with the scent of cinnamon and Ilang Ilang flowers onto Barbarons Beach where there is always a chance of spotting some beautiful reef fish or the occasional stingray swimming past you at the waters edge.


  • 2H – Two hour ride is truly spectacular as it winds through the tropical jungle, along Barbarons beach and connects to Grand Anse beach through a beautiful lime green and aqua coloured lagoon with huge megalith granite rocks. Grand Anse is a long scimitar shaped beach with breathtaking sea and mountain views allowing some great opportunities for a few long canters. This is a technical ride and therefore only strictly available for Intermediate, Strong Intermediate or Advanced riders.