La Reserve Hotel Seychelles

La Reserve Hotel Seychelles

Le Domaine de La Réserve Hotel is situated on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles.  La Reserve Hotel is the perfect choice for your dream destination of a perfect vacation in the Seychelles as it provides the best services to its residents in terms of comforts, entertainment and security.

It is surrounded by a spectacular sandy beach which is protected by a reef that makes swimming and snorkeling possible. The residents get to enjoy a private beach at the hotel which is situated at the beautiful Anse Petite Cour on the island of Praslin.


Description of the Hotel

La Reserve Hotel Seychelles

The La Reserve Hotel comprises of 40 room hotels which have a warm Seychellois touch.  It also includes a colossal swimming pool.  It cares for the needs of the people coming to check in at the hotel.  Special arrangements are made to offer comfort and security to the people so as to make the trip enjoyable and entertaining.  There is a high security system reigning in the hotel.  People can leave their room without worrying about their belongings.  On top of that, you don’t need to leave the hotel premises to go and find food as it makes provision for your meals as well and allow you to be pampered on your vacation.

People are free to enjoy their vacation without having to worry about keeping the place tidy as the hotel makes arrangement to keep it clean during all the times.  Hence, guests can relax and pursue other activities and enjoy their free time.


Advantages of a hotel stay at La Reserve Hotel

You can make an advance booking online

Our hotel provides comfortable beds to the guests to ensure they relax and enjoy a good sleep.

Our hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi access to help you stay connected with your close ones

We offer 24 hour room service and reception

High security system 24 hours a day

Complimentary shuttle services

On site restaurant services

Everything is clean and nice and tidy in the hotel premises

Seychellois Cuisine

The Seychellois cuisine is different because it blends different ingredients together to form something new by using coconut, breadfruit base and abundant fresh seafood in the preparation of hot and spicy dishes.

Visitors can also dine on the traditional mouth watering creole cuisine of the island.  There are freshly caught fish, local fruits, spicy curries as well as sweet fried bananas that will make the visitors fall in love with the foods.  Most of the foods are based on seafood and chillies.  They are fresh and come either directly from the fishing boat or from the garden.  The seafoods are often roasted, grilled or fried and are served with cooked vegetables and chatini



A holiday in the Indian Ocean is incomplete without the fun activity of exploring the world beneath the crystal blue water surrounding the hotel.  From relaxing to adrenaline pumping, the hotel provides all the requisites to make your stay memorable.  Snorkeling is an awesome activity comprising of both fun and underwater exploration.  It does not require any training but only swimming, breathing and a few short kick cycles underwater.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining

There is also rock climbing and zip lining activities which are provided on the island of Seychelles.  The zip lining activity provides visitors the opportunity to discover the natural striking beauty of the Seychelles forests.  Safety precautions and measures are provided so that the trip is enjoyed.

Seychelles is gradually becoming a golf destination.  Golf lovers will love it as there is a splendid golf course in Seychelles named the Lemuria Resort Golf Course that is considered by many to be one of the best around the globe.

Fishing in the Seychelles

Fishing in the Seychelles

Seychelles is the paradise destination if you enjoy fishing.  Seychelles has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world and visitors will be excited by the opportunities that they can have in Seychelles’ fish-rich-waters.

There are activities such as big-game fishing and bottom-fishing that either an experienced fisherman or a beginner can try.  The visitors are assisted by experienced crew as well.

Seychelles has more than enough to bring a ray of excitement in your life and to keep you entertained during your visit on the island.  Its thrilling water sports such as parachute rides, water-skiing, banana boat rides, jet skis and paragliding will drive away the monotony from your life.  It is a real paradise for sea lovers and people who like to dive as Seychelles is famous for its beautiful coral reefs.

Visitors can also explore Seychelles and its wonderful archipelago through yacht, glass bottomed boats, sail boats or catamaran.

Curieuse Island

The people coming to visit Seychelles and staying at La Reserve Hotel also get a glimpse of the Curieuse Island which is not far away.  Curieuse Island is a fascinating tourist destination as it is famous for being a bio-reserve that is controlled by the Marine Parks Authority of the Seychelles.  It is opened everyday from eight in the morning till five in the evening.  The island is also famous for the Coco de Mer which grows naturally there.  The fruit is used to flavor food and is also used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.  Apart from the Coco de Mer, there are many other unique things on the island such as takamaka trees, green sea turtles, mangrove forests, Black Parrot and indigenous flora and fauna.



There is also a historical site on the Curieuse island which is named the Doctor’s House.  It is a museum which tourists can visit as it is clearly an example of Creole colonial architecture.

On the island, people can hike mountains as well.  There are many mountains such as Morne Seychellois, Mont Dauban, Morne Blanc and Mount Simpson on the island.  Morne Seychellois is the highest peak in Seychelles and is located on the island of Mahé in the Morne Seychellois National Park. .It is an attraction for visitors who like adventurous trips.  People who want to make the best of their visits on the island will wander along the stunning trails of the mountains where they can also capture beautiful pictures of endemic plants and animals.