Market Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago comprising of several little islands. Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches, the markets in Seychelles are interesting place to witness and explore the culture of the Seychellois during your holidays in the Seychelles. Mahé Island being the principal island of the Seychelles includes markets where you can find a variety of local products.

Here is a guide to round up the best markets of Mahé Island in Seychelles:
Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria

Seychelles- Market

The market Sir Selwyn Clarke is a historical market named after a man who gave his best for the Seychellois to earn their money in the righteous way. As a sign of respect the Seychellois named the market after him. It was built in the 1840 and vivify in 1999.

Sir Selwyn Clarke is Victoria’s most renowned market and is opened 6 days a week, excluding on Sundays and public holidays. On Monday to Friday it starts at 7:00AM and ends at 17:30PM and on Saturdays it begins from 6:00 AM to 14:00PM. Located in the heart of Mahé, Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is the best place you can go to for fresh products.

The market demonstrates the way of life of the Seychellois. You will find the people living the Seychellois life which is a great pleasure to witness. There are a significant number of local people and tourists at the market.  Spices, fish and other seafood, vegetables and various fruits are available at the busy market.

There are fruits of every shape, full of vegetables, fish of every colour at the busy and colourful market which brings a delightful atmosphere. There is fascinating panoply of boutiques and shops selling local products such as: souvenirs, clothing and artisanal stuffs. On Saturdays, the place is more joyful with a lively atmosphere.

The most amazing thing about the market is that the vendors are willing to discuss about the different fruits & vegetables, they explain to you how to prepare and cook the vegetables. People out there spread love and like to chat, they are indeed friendly.

The market is well maintained and the place is neat and hygienic. So, if you are in Seychelles, more precisely in Victoria, you surely need to hit the spot before you leave Mahé!

Victoria bazaar, Victoria

Seychelles- Market

Victoria bazaar is a must visit attraction for the tourist, it is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 9HR30 to 18HR30 and on Sundays from 9HR30 to 17HR. Victoria bazaar is a place where both locals and tourist join together and make a pleasant atmosphere with diversity and unity mixed altogether in a single place. You will definitely come across the humour of the local at the Victoria bazaar.


The Market provides a range of dairy products, local fresh meat, black pudding, salted meats and a vast row of endemic plants, spices, flowers.  There is nothing about architecture stuffs, but you can find the freshest product and seafood that the island provides. You can also contemplate of the way that people interact with each other while the beautiful Seychellois music is being played.

People come from miles away, especially on Saturdays on which there are more people than any other day of the week. The vendors are nice and friendly, they offer good prices on tuna for tourists. They don’t only offer good deal but they also help you to descale your fish!

You can wonder around along the upper floor where you can have a great local food at an affordable price in a licensed restaurant. You can have your food while contemplating the bird-eye view there. Capture some nice pictures to keep memories of your visit in the colourful market. Local clothes shops can be found in the upper level of the market.

On the ground floor, you can find fresh fish and local vegetable. The stall holders grow their own vegetables at home. A quantity of spices and herbs; tea and especially vanilla product are also available. Few souvenir shops can be found on the ground floor too but there is a lot more in the upper floor.


Bazar Labrin

Bazar Labrin- Seychelles

Imagine yourself on a beach, watching the sun set while a nice music of the Seychellois is being played at the background along with a locally made beer and the best octopus curry. Wouldn’t that feel like paradise? Well, you can only find this at one of the most famous local market in Mahé island, at the Bazar Labrin. The bazar labrin attract a great number of tourist and local people.

The bazar Labrin takes place every Wednesday from 4:00 to 9:00 PM and on the last Saturday of every month. The market takes place alongside the most famous beach on the island, Beau Vallon. It is the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with the locals.

You will find stalls selling a row of local snacks, food and refreshments. There are many things that you definitely need to try like the famous octopus curry, fried breadfruit chips and local juice. There are also interesting locally made arts, craft and souvenir that you can buy.

The thing that attracts most people at the labrin market is the music tradition that a group of locals plays every Wednesday, this is call the ‘Moulya’ music. The women dance around the males whilst some male musicians play the drum around a campfire. Different groups organise the dance of ‘moutya’ on special occasions.

Having a hard day? Go to bazar labrin you will surely have a promising evening. Their culture, tradition, and their living style brings a relaxing stress-free atmosphere. You can relish the savours of the homemade food of the Seychellois.

You can also select spices, snacks and beverages made locally, a wide range of craft works among many other local made product, this yield to a true taste of an authentic creole culture.

Homemade foods are sold by a group of Seychellois who muster up, by beau Vallon beach. There is a variety of international cuisines: you can find Chinese food, Indian food, European food and of course Seychellois Creole cuisines. There are only delicious food such as: coconut based curries, grilles fish, black pudding, banana, breadfruit, sweet potato, cassava chips, chatini (made with fresh crushed chillies), and raw shredded mango or chopped papaya salad.