Museum Seychelles

The Seychelles is a place which many tourists are familiar with. Among your things to do in the Seychelles, you might have wanted to visit a museum in the Seychelles. Museums are places where you can contemplate objects of scientific, artistic, historical or cultural interest.

The Seychelles accommodates a small number of museums which reveals a lot about the past of the Seychelles. Port Victoria is the capital of the main island of the Seychelles which is Mahé Island. You will find most of the museums in Victoria.

Since Port Victoria is a small place, you can cover up 3 museums in one day on foot, making the best out of the day. However, feel free to take your time to enjoy yourself!

Seychelles natural historical museum- Victoria

national museum-Seychelles The Seychelles natural historical museum is found on the capital of the island Mahé in Victoria. It was legitimated in 1964. The museum host exhibitions that study the flora, fauna and geological history of the Seychelles. It aims to bring a positive attitude and actions in protecting their natural heritage. Visitors come to this museum for the unique flora and fauna that are illustrated.

For families, the visit to the Seychelles natural historical museum is a must! There are colourful and well expressed artwork that will definitely be a delightful experience for your children. Numerous interesting activities are also organised to ravish children.

Besides, the activities and the geological display, the museum is neat and clean. There are many exhibits such as the largest and heaviest coco de mer in the world, posters on Aldabia’s giant tortoises, and geological materials. The bird chart possesses well described information with a recorded sound of each bird.

The area is air conditioned and since photographs are permitted, you can take as much pictures as your heart desires. The staffs are friendly and they are willing to give any kind of information about the museum where you will surely discover lots of untold stories.


Rita’s art studio & gallery- Victoria

Rita’s art studio is located near Praslin national park. It is situated intentionally in a rather peaceful area for you to be able to contemplate the arts on display in tranquillity. All the paintings on the display are made only by the local Seychellois artists. Each of the paintings comes in a different style. You can grab some souvenirs of the time you had in the Seychelles at Ritas’s art Studio. The artworks, postcards, fabric, jewellery and watercolours are sold at an affordable price and you may keep them as souvenirs.

There are marvellous portraits and representative views craft, jewellery and fabrics. They are inspiring and fascinating exhibitions.

Praslin museum- Praslin islands

Praslin museum- Praslin islands- Seychelles


It is the first museum in the Praslin Island, the largest second island of Seychelles, which is ideally located near to the beach at Cote d’Or. The museum is 50 metres away from the Acajou hotel. The museum showcases the way of life of the Seychellois, their culture generally, and a garden of endemic and medical plants of the Seychelles.

The visitors are allowed to participate in activities such as grilling breadfruit, and other traditional activities which give a real taste of the traditions of the Seychellois.

Steve, the owner of the museum will enlighten you on various topics such as on the history of spices, on the tress and yard, the history of Praslin, the fruits bats and turtles on the site, and so on. Steve will also discuss about the vast array of plants and their use in medicines.

At the end of the visit, each customers are given fresh fruit punch. Steve and his family will do their best to attain your satisfaction. At their sky self-catering guest house, their only aim is to make their customers comfortable and have a superb journey.

The museum comes with small shops where you can purchase souvenirs, locally produced vanilla, citronelle tea and spices. You can actually increase your knowledge about palm trees, the fruit bats, the turtles and the coco de mer which grows only in the Seychelles.

Kenwyn house

Kenwyn house was built in 1835 and is a renowned French Colonial architecture monument. It is situated in the middle of Victoria on Mahé Island. Kenwyn House offers you the opportunity to explore historical sites. In the museum, there are various collections such as allure, splash, mystique, white fire, tanzanite, and other treasures gemstones value in gold, silver, and platinum.

The museum is a pleasant historical wooden house with fascinating artwork, architecture and history. The Kenwyn house feels colonial and is in speckles condition. The visitors may have a tour in jewellery and paintings shops within house. The walls are covered with engrossing pictures while there is history attached to each part of the house.

If you are searching for a place to buy jewellery at a reasonable price, then Kenwyn is probably the best place to go to! There is a variety of choices of metal and stoned, African or locally crafted jewellery. There is a range of locally made jewellery and craft items shells, timber, seeds and 18k gold on the top floors

If you are in Seychelles and searching for a historical attraction, do not hesitate to visit the Kenwyn house you will definitely have a promising day, moreover the staff are very helpful and easy to approach. Do come, visit and increase your knowledge.

National Cultural Centre

Seychelles natural historical museum- Victoria


The National Cultural Centre is situated at the capital of Mahé. The centre holds historical artifacts and cultural objects which are connected to the past story of the Seychellois people. There are various displays of art works which theme on the gorgeous landscapes of the Seychelles.

This Museum is on opened from 08 30 am and closes at 16 00 pm on week days while closing its doors on Wednesday. On Saturdays, the centre is opened from 09 am to 12 pm.

The National Cultural Centre is freely accessible to everyone whether you are a foreigner or a local individual.