Praslin Island

If you are trawling the web to find the most idyllic island of the Indian Ocean, search no more, you are at the right place. Praslin is the island of dreams and fantasies. Indulge in one of the world’s most fascinating island.

Praslin Island

Information about the island

Lying about 45km northeast of Mahé, Praslin Island is among the 3 main island of the archipelago. It is the second largest island of the nation after Mahé. The island is much more closer to the sleepiness of La Digue and far away from the bustle of Mahé. The island measures 38.52 km² and merely accommodates 6,500 people. Praslin is of granitic origin with a highest elevation of 367m known as Mont Azore.  It comprises of two administrative districts namely Baie Sainte Anne and Grand Anse.

Pirates’ island

When the French explorer Lazare Picault sighted Praslin in 1744, he decided to name it at the Isle de Palmes. At that time, the route to India through the Indian Ocean became very flourishing and eventually this attracted many pirates with hope of looting valuable treasures. This is how Praslin became a famous pirates’ hideout. Many tales and stories of immersed treasures buried in the land of Praslin, still makes a good yearn among its habitant. The island was eventually renamed as Praslin in honour of French diplomat César Gabriel de Choiseul, duc de Praslin in 1768.

How to get there

Praslin Island can be reached by either flight or ferry. Depending on your budget and time, you can opt for either one of them. The airport is situated between Anse kerlan and Grande Anse and flying to Praslin can take you 15 minutes from Mahé.

Obviously, if you prefer travelling by ferry to enjoy the fantastic scenery, then it will take you much more time.

Getting around the island

Cars remain the most desired means of transportation for many tourists. If you wish to be free to explore Praslin whenever you want, then to rent a car is the best solution. It is good to note that bus on Praslin literally go everywhere on the island and it is relatively cheap compare to a car. But at peak times, buses can be quite crowded. There is eventually another option if you neither want to drive nor travel by bus, you can still opt for taxis. This might cost you a lot though.

Beaches and attractions

Some might claim that Praslin beaches are tropical cliché but for some they are the real piece of paradise on our planet. Beaches here are everything you have dream of all while planning your holidays in the Seychelles. Let’s cover some of them.

Anse Lazio- Praslin-Seychelles

Anse Lazio

Blue turquoise water and fine-grained sand and all of that wrapped in the most serene atmosphere. If you try to picture a heavenly beach, there are great chances that your imagination matches with Anse Lazio.

Located at the north-western corner of Praslin, Anse Lazio is among the beaches that are regularly voted as the best beach in the world. The postcard scenery, perfect powder-like sand, crystal clear water and imposing palm trees is sure to keep you spellbound. Now, you probably get an idea why people flock around this fantastic beach.

Anse Volbert- Cote d’Or

The touristic hotspot of Praslin, Anse Volbert boasts many of the island hotels and apartment, thanks to it overwhelming scenery. Anse Volbert is a long stretch of pristine white sand which makes it an ideal spot to enjoy a long walk across the glittering water. The beach is appreciated by both tourists and locals alike. It is an amazing place to swim and do take part in the many activities available there.

Anse Georgette

Hidden away in the ground of Constance Lemuria, Anse Georgette is better described as the unsung hero of Praslin Island. If you are in search of peace and tranquillity, Anse Georgette is the place to be! This is one of the many reasons why couples and honeymooners love this beach.

The breathtaking shade of blue, pristine white sand and the surrounding tropical palm trees makes Anse Georgette a must visit spot for every Seychelles traveller.

Anse Boudin

Located on the northeast corner of Praslin, Anse Boudin is where peacefulness and serenity prevails. It is almost a deserted beach. Thus no worries no huge crowds. Anse Boudin is the perfect place to lay down your towel and calmly work on your tan.

The best part is that Anse Boudin is just few minutes away from the iconic Anse Lazio. This the main reason behind Anse Boudin serene atmosphere, all while rushing towards Anse Lazio many hardly notices this beautiful beach. You can mix your journey with the beauty of Anse Lazio and the quietness of Anse Boudin.

The beach is ideal for swimming, snorkelling and fishing, it should be said that Anse Boudin is a good all-rounder.

Vallée de Mai- Praslin- SeychellesVallée de Mai

This is place to be for those who want to get a glimpse of how the world was some thousand years ago. The Vallée de Mai is a World UNESCO Heritage site since 1983. You will quickly understand why it is so!

This unique vestige of natural palm forest has remained largely untouched since prehistoric times; it is almost preserved in its original state. Once believed to be the actual Garden of Eden, Vallée de Mai will sure keep you spellbound. This natural sanctuary is home to the world’s largest population of endemic Coco de Mer.

The Coco de Mer and its bizarre form will arouse your curiosity. It is bears the largest seed in the plant kingdom as well. The Vallée de Mai Park covers a total area of 19.5 ha. In the midst of the giant trees, try to spot the rare Seychelles Black Parrot. The park is definitely an attraction not to miss.

Leisure activities

Scuba diving

With the rich maritime flora and fauna of Praslin, scuba diving remains amongst the must do activities. Explore the rich underwater lives of the Seychelles and do take your camera along!


Golf lovers will be served with the finest golf course of the entire Seychelles. Get ready to show your skills on the unique 18 hole Par 70 championship golf course of Praslin. Live up some moments of golfing perfection!