Seafood in the Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, in which 43 of them are granite islands and the rest 72 island are coralline islands. The Seychelles has a good reputation when it comes to its ocean. It is very rich in seafood and own thousands types of sea creatures. Most of their famous plate are made up of seafood especially fish. The Seychelles is also known as the best place to fish in the Indian Ocean.

The restaurants in the Seychelles are mostly known for their mix culture cuisine. Seafood is the most dominate plate among the tables of the restaurants of the Seychelles. Some of the most famous seafood of the typically creole island is the red snapper which actually taste like tender chicken, king fish, parrot fish, prawns, octopus, Calamari. Turtle flesh was also considered as a favourite dish by the Seychellois but now it is unfortunately restricted by law as turtles have to be preserved.

Dried Fish

Dried Fish Seychelles

As a matter of fact dried fish is considered as a tradition and this tradition hails from the old good days where there was no refrigerator or any other way to conserve food. Long ago people salted the fish and then left to dry for some days. The dried fish can be used in different ways. It can be used in curries, or in a simple sauce which is actually called ‘’rougaille’’ made with tomato, chillies, garlic and onion and this is served with rice and lentil. If you never tries this then you should definitely taste it. It is really salty but is really delicious. The dried fish is sold in most of the supermarket and fortunately it is sold at a reasonable price.

Fish curry

Fish curry Seychelles

The fish curry is also a popular dish; it has always been a favourite dish for the Seychellois. You will find this dish in many restaurants or even on the food stand. For this delicious dish ‘bonito’, a meaty type of fish is most likely to be used. Some people might use salted fish for curry but it is quite rare. Tomato, chillies, onion and masala are needed to fulfil a good and tasty fish curry. The fish curry taste even better when coconut milk is applied to it but not everyone adds coconut milk to their curry.

Octopus curry

Octopus curry Seychelles

The octopus curry is a hugely popular dish in the Seychelles. The hotter it taste the better the octopus curry will taste! The Seychellois all have their own way of cooking the famous octopus curry. Some might cook it less hot and some might cook it really hot. The octopus is boiled for quite a long time and then it is cooked with tomatoes, onion, chillies and masala (different mix spices). If you want to have the best octopus curry in your life then you should go and eat at Acajou Hotel which is found at Praslin islands. The Acajou Hotel is considered to have the best octopus curry. For further information call on + 248 4 38 53 00.


Lobster Seychelles

Lobster is also a popular seafood in the Seychelles islands but it depends on seasons. For sustainable reasons lobster are not allows to catch. Lobster can also be cooked in many different ways. It can be served as curry, ‘rougaille’ or grilled. If you are a big fan of lobster then you should plan your trip at the Seychelles at the lobster season.

Grilled fish

Grilled fish, the heavenly dish is a must if you go to the Seychelles. The habitant of the Seychelles can grill a fish like it’s no one’s business. Both tourist and local people have a preference of grilled red snapper. The red snapper is said to be the best and tastiest fish of all the other fish. Job fish and Jackfish are also good for grilled.

The Seychellois has a very interesting secret to make the grilled fish taste better than any other grilled fish. They use the coconut husks in the BBQ, and this helps the grilled fish to have a better and a unique taste. To accomplish this copious meal, the fish is marinated in garlic, ginger and chilli for some hours then is grilled and served with chilli sauce or another homemade creole sauce.

Must Seafood Restaurant

Bonbon plume

The Bonbon plume is ideally situated at Anse Lazio in Praslin islands. The outdoor restaurant is only open during lunch time. On the water’s edge you may order your command, the restaurant is specialised is creole seafood platter. A variety of choice is offered to you. Grilled lobster, mussels, scallops and fish are the most commanded meal in the restaurant, these are served with salads, rice and lentils. Don’t worry about sun or rain, the umbrella overhead will help you to enjoy your food with your feet in the sand. You may also order cocktail, ice-cream or juices after the lunch time. Please take note that the restaurant is closed during June. For more information contact 423- 21 36.


The Eden is a seafood restaurant situated in the Mahe islands, at Beau-Vallon. The seafood restaurant has a wide variety of dishes as proposal. There are also vegan options including tomato soup. The most popular dish in the restaurant is the fish steak and all its dishes made with tuna taste heavenly. Your meal is served in a charming atmosphere directly on the sand of the beach with the sound of the waves few meters away from the restaurant. The Eden is open on a daily basis except on Friday it is closed. It is available from 7 PM to 10 Pm. You may call on 020 248 4 387 000 for further information.

La Perle Noire

La Perle Noire restaurant Seychelles

The Italian seafood restaurant is ideally situated at Beau Vallon in the largest island of Seychelles, Mahe. La Perle Noire only serves Italian food and also serves vegetarian as well as seafood. Some of the most popular dishes are grilled red snapper, prawns and pineapple kebabs. The price can be a little bit high but surely the dishes are worth paying for. La Perle Noire is open 6 times a week except on Sunday from 6 hr 30 PM to 9hr 30 pm. For more information, call on 020 248 4 620 220.