Seychelles currency

Seychelles currency

The official currency of the country is Seychelles Rupee (ISO code SCR). The denomination of Seychelles rupee is cent. Notes are in multiples of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 while coins come in 5, 10, 25 cents and 1 and 5 Rupee denominations.

Exchange rates can be found on the Central Bank of Seychelles website, in the Nation newspaper and at all banks. Banking hours in Seychelles are generally 08hrs30 to 14hrs30 on weekdays and from 08hrs30 to 11hrs30 on Saturdays.

Currency exchange

All banks in Seychelles process traveller’s cheques and foreign exchange transactions for which a valid passport is required. You’ll find many ATM’s also on Mahé, at its airport, on Praslin and La Digue. ATMs only provide cash in Seychelles Rupee.

Exchange facilities are available at the airport, on Mahé and also on Praslin.

Quick tip: Keep your currency exchange receipt to facilitate re-exchange on departure.


Tourists are now entitled to pay for goods and services everywhere in the Seychelles with local currency. However, the discretion to pay in another currency other than Seychelles Rupee shall lay solely with the visitor. Seychelles has a very stable economy, still exchange rates may vary slightly in relation to the market, from bank to bank or at different bureaux de change.

Note: It is considered a criminal offence to exchange foreign currency with non-registered dealers. Money exchange is to be done only at banks, bureaux de change, or other licenced operators.


Credit Cards

VISA and MasterCard are the two most widely accepted types of credit cards in the Seychelles. Other types of cards like American Express or Diners Club are accepted by to a much lesser extent. You can use your credit cards for services like car rental, payment at hotels, restaurant services. These would be billed and debited in foreign currency. Most shops and stores accept credit cards but always check at the entrance for relevant credit card logos.