Sisters Island Seychelles

Sisters Island Seychelles

The Sisters Islands comprises of the two islands Grande Soeur and Petit Soeur.

Grande Soeur Seychelles

Grande Soeur is an island of the Seychelles archipelago which is owned and supervised by the hotel Chateau de Feuilles which is located in Praslin Island. Grande Soeur is also known by several names such as East Sister, Big Sister, and Big Sisters Private Island. The island is mainly visited by the guests of the hotel Chateau de Feuilles for diving purposes.

Grande Soeur is situated close to Cocos and Felicite Islands. Big Sister is a granitic island which is mainly engulfed with tropical forests. However, a platform was constructed on the island by its owner to allow helicopters to land. The hotel has also built many villas to allow its guests to have overnight stays.


Long ago, there was a small coconut plantation on Grande Soeur. Hotel Chateau de Feuilles bought the island in 2005.


Grande Soeur has a main beach which is acknowledged as one of the most finest and pristine beaches of the Seychelles. The waters surrounding the island are perfect for a bath. The water of the lagoon is so crystal clear that visibility sometimes trespasses the 30 meters while the water temperature varies at 27ºC. Snorkeliing is best to admire the prolific marine life around the island during which you will spot sea turtles and many marine creatures.
Entrance into the island is chargeable as it is a private island. Grand Soeur is only accessible during the week days from Monday to Friday till 15hr00 p.m and is closed in the weekends whereby only the guest of Le Chateau de Feuilles’ will be granted access.

Petit Soeur Seychelles

Petit Soeur also has several names which it is called by such as west Sister and Small Sister. This island of the Seychelles is a granitic island which is situated in the north of La Digue. Petit Soeur is privately owned by hotel chateau de Feuilles who bought it in 2005. The guests of the hotel frequently come to Small Sister for diving activities.