St Anne

St Anne is a small island of 2.27 kilometer square. This island is part of the group of eight islands in Ste Anne Marine National Park which lies about 5 kilometers from the capital of Mahé, Victoria. Among these eight islands, St Anne is the largest. A small population of around 40 people is residing in the island.

St Anne was discovered in 1742 by the French explorer Lazare Picault on the day of Saint Anne. In 1770, the first French colony settled in the Seychelles in Saint Anne. Once, a whaling station was being maintained on the islands by the St. Abbs Whaling company. The ruins of the station are still present today.

The Beachcomber Saint Anne resort & Spa was launched in 2002 along with 87 luxury villas on the southwest of the island. The hotel provides means of accommodation on the island and offers the opportunity for many travelers to adventure on St Anne and discover its lush vegetation. The hotel is situated next to the village of St Anne where there is a dive shop, restaurants and park rangers’ quarters.

The population of St Anne includes mainly the hotel staff and other employees of the Beach comber Saint Anne resort & Spa.