Surfing in Seychelles

Surfing in Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago consisting 115 small islands in which there is 41 inner islands and 74 outer islands. It attracts tourist from all over the world annually. The islands of Seychelles reserves many surprises, there are always new things to explore and to discover. Both the land and the sea of the island are perfection.

Moreover the Seychelles is a place full of activities. Surely, you would be amazed of all these activities provided to make your holidays a memorable one or maybe the best holidays you ever had in your entire life or a perfect honeymoon with the love of your life.

One of the best activities you would not want to miss in the Seychelles is probably ‘surfing’. If you are planning your holidays in Seychelles make sure you do the surfing. As the Seychelles is considered as having the best beaches in the Indian Ocean, surfing became a big game to majority of the visitor. For those who have surfing abilities, bear in mind that there are limitations to surf. There are also different areas for all surfing levels.

Surfing in Seychelles at Anse intendance

Seychelles is not rich in coral reefs which make it easier for surfer to surf along the hidden mesmerising areas of beautiful areas. Can you imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean, having the feeling of the blue turquoise water on your body and enjoying the sun with a vivid atmosphere? Well, feels heavenly right?

As a matter of fact the Seychelles has two respective weather patterns, firstly the north-west monsoon and lastly the south-east monsoon. The two different seasons defines where you can surf during your activities period as the surfing areas keep changing. The north-west monsoon is generally during October, November and December and the south-west monsoon is prevalent from May to August.

The best place to surf in the Seychelles islands is the Praslin and the Mahe islands. They are the main island to find the best transportation infrastructure. The two islands are the only place in the Seychelles where you can rent or own transportation and be less dependent on the islands of the Seychelles. However in case you decided to bring your board with you it will be much more easier for you to travel with your board on the islands of Mahe and Praslin rather than any other of the island.

Surfing in Seychelles

Learning to surf?

Are you not a good surfer or you do not have any experiment at all? No problem! Isurf Seychelles is here to make you a good surfer or even a professional surfer! You don’t have to worry anymore, Isurf promises its customers to make its best for them to have a great surf experiment. Isurf doesn’t only offer surf lesson but also organise tours also.

For those in the know, the activity in Seychelles can actually be performed almost all year round. Thankfully Isurf Seychelles will make you discover breath-taking beaches and make you experience incredible magic waves. Isurf is currently the only licensed surfing and paddling school in the islands of Seychelles. Ride your very first waves in their idyllic location which is situated in the southwest coast of the island of Mahe. You have nothing to fear if you are new to this! Whether you are a beginner or an experience surfer, the Isurf will offer you the best of coaches and locations to give you a perfect memorable surfing experiment.

Isurf also offer a 10% discount on all surf, SUP lessons and tour if you book your tickets with them. To proceed to this you simply have to click on the list of special offers which is at the end of the ‘’easy online ferry booking process’’ and then select discount from the list. Kindly note that if you are in the Mahe islands itself, a ferry is not needed as the Isurf office is based on Mahe itself. However the ferry can be useful to the other main islands.

The surfing lessons are actually taught by a qualified instructor who can manage situations. He was trained in first aid and all necessary safety protocol. All equipment and transportation are provided. Isurf also offer a shooting for its customers while they are surfing. After the surfing lesson the images are transfers to a USB stick of which later at home you can watch the pictures with your families or friends and enjoy the memories.

Surfing in mahe seychelles

Surfing in Mahe islands

As we are all aware the island of Mahe is among the two best island to do the surfing activity in the Seychelles. Mahe is considered of having the best surfing spot in the entire Seychelles which is the famous Grand Anse beach. The surfing highlight is situated in the west coast of the Mahe. Bear in mind that the Grand Anse beach can get really crowded especially during the peak season of surfing which is during November through April.

Besides the Grand Anse beach, Beau-Vallon is also considered among the best of the surfing spot, an ideal spot to start your holiday. Arguably Beau-Vallon is the most popular tourist attraction on the island of Mahe which means that you will surely be surrounded by luxurious hotel. The Beau-Vallon is amazingly mesmerising, the sand is soft and gold, the blue turquoise sea catches everyone’s attraction and the beach is clean and pleasant to stay at. However there are some reefs and rocks and it can be quite difficult for beginners to start there first time there.

Anse Bougainville is another interesting spot of the Seychelles surfing spots. Situated in the south-eastern edge of the island of Mahe, the Anse Bougainville offers surf-able waves but sometimes if you are not a professional surfer you won’t be able to perform this activity over there. Windsurfing is actually something you should try at the Anse Bougainville during your holiday.

Anse intendance is considered among the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is as a matter of fact, an ideal place for body-boarders and there is a huge shore-break. The Anse intendance is actually found in the southern part of the island of Mahe. There is a light breeze which will actually help you with your surfing!

If you are planning your holiday to the Seychelles islands make sure you seize the golden opportunity of surfing in the Seychelles. Make your first time surfing memorable or make it the best experience of all your experiences. A promising holiday is waiting for you!