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La Dune des Songes

You want to spend your summer vacation in Madagascar in 2023, and you’re looking for a peaceful place yet cozy to stay. Explore La Dune des Songes in Anakao and enjoy the soothing experience while making memories you’ll never forget. This is the ideal location for your summer vacation this year, the perfect destination where you can share a special moment with your loved ones in Madagascar. Make sure to visit to our website at the following link to learn more about villas in Madagascar. We will get in touch with you.

Les Lauriers Eco Hotel et Restaurant

Les Lauriers is a hotel in Praslin, popular and ususally the first choice for tourists wishing to visit Praslin. The hotel underwent a major renovation in 2019 and 19 new rooms were built to meet a strong demand for accommodation during the 2000s. This ecological hotel, completely green, uses solar energy for its water heater and for electricity. Green energy is at the heart of all the functions of this beautiful establishment. The hotel also encourages its guests to use bicycles for tour guides or simply walking. To find out more about Les Lauriers in Praslin, click on the link below.


Looking for a qualified group to handle the tableware for your restaurant? You’re in the right place, then! Adapro is a reputable industry pioneer in the distribution of specialized products for residential, commercial, restaurant, and hotel projects that was founded in 1995. We provide a wide variety of buffet and bar items, small kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, in-room products, housekeeping, hygiene, and other cutting-edge products, and have more than 22 years of experience in the restaurant business. At any given point in time, we hold over 10,000 different products. For more information, get in touch with our sales team instantly or click the link to our website below.

Exotic Villas Rentals

Apartment Mirage 2 is a classy apartment near Grand Bay, Mauritius. It is a paradise, your haven on earth. It features among the most demanding accommodation preferred by vacationers during their trip in Mauritius. Having a fully equipped kitchen, you can share a good meal among your friends or family. This 3-bedroom apartment can accommodate 6 persons and 1 baby and is ideal for persons who want serenity and comfort. It has a living space of 165 square meter, a dining room with a table for 8 persons, a large TV with a corner sofa. Read more on Mirage 2, a luxury apartment in Mauritius that is available for rental.


All outsourcing sectors in Mauritius need a proper Passenger Services for their employees. Large outsourcing companies having a workforce of above 200 people might need a reliable and trustworthy transportation service of their employees especially when these companies operate on a shift working system. Logidis Passenger Service Department offers customized transport solutions for all the segment including special needs customers. We continue to innovate and invest in new CRM. Logidis has over the years develop an expertise in routing optimization hence enable its customers to manage their logistics cost. Hire Logidis Passenger Services for your employee’s transportation on the link below.

Domaine de la Reserve

You want to make the most of your upcoming vacation to the Seychelles and are considering going there. The best hotel in Praslin for your trip is Domaine de la Reserve. This four-star hotel, which is situated in the Anse Petite Cour Bay, is a popular tourist destination and provides its customers with top-notch services. There are 40 rooms in all, including 4 Colonial Superior Rooms, 32 Beach Front Deluxe Villas, and 4 Beach Front Family Suites. One of the largest swimming pools in the Seychelles is located at the hotel. We advise you to book a room at Domaine de la Reserve while visiting Praslin.