Wedding & Honeymoon Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago is the destination to hop to for your wedding and honeymoon. The islands of the Seychelles provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for the perfect wedding ceremony that you had in mind. Why is that so you may ask? Well just a glimpse at the beauty of the Seychelles will leave you open-mouthed. Such is the beauty of the Seychelles with its gorgeous golden beaches and turquoise lagoon, its rare flora and fauna along with the renowned warm welcome of the Seychellois.


What you need to know:

First of all, if you want to have your wedding in the Seychelles, you should plan for it at least 6 month prior to the event. There are quite a number of organizations that can help you achieve the best experience for your wedding in the Seychelles. They will help you with the Administrative formalities, wedding date, stylist, photographer, hotel reservation, decoration and wedding cake. So you can be at ease and concentrate on the more enjoyable moments.

Seychelles Wedding Formalities

Your wedding in the Seychelles in the form of civil marriages will be recognized throughout the European countries although there are some conditions to be met for Swiss, Italien and German citizens. There are a number of documents that you should produce to be able to go through your civil marriage.

  1. Copy of your Birth Certificates
  2. Evidence of residence
  3. Photocopy of the first or last 6 pages of passports of the couples along with the inside of the cover and the pages having all identification data.
  4. A questionnaire of the identity of ascendants and potential witnesses

In the past, couples were required to take an appointment at their Embassy in the Seychelles before they could get married. However, this is no longer in practice although the Embassy may rarely require future married couples to come to their offices.


Cost of the Wedding in the Seychelles

Each wedding is different and unique and comes with its own price. However, there are some costs that will never change and will have to be incurred by everyone. Costs of organization, registration fees, hotels, civil status officer cost are some examples of such fixed cost. Below are such fees which you will not be able to escape:

  1. Registration fees vary between weekday where you will pay € 220.00 and weekend where it is € 285.00
  2. The cost for the coordination of the wedding and its ceremony will be approximately around the € 100.00
  3. Letter of authentication will cost you 20 Euros
  4. Apostille (certification issued by the Hague Convention of 1961) will cost €25
  5. Copy of the marriage certificate (with the seal of the Civil State service): € 10.00
  6. Copy of the marriage certificate mailed (seal of the State Civil Service + postage) is approximately around the 60,00 €


Hotels for your wedding

There are a number of hotels established in the Seychelles which are specialized in wedding preparations as special honeymoon rooms. The newly married couples enjoy discounts rates on several activity packages of scuba diving, parasailing and many more. They also enjoys discount rates on room reservations.

Hotels are usually established around the coast of the islands of the Seychelles. The beaches and lagoon are just some few steps away from your hotel and your wedding ceremony will be processed on the beautiful golden beach near the turquoise lagoon while the sun is setting in the clear sky providing a relax and romantic atmosphere.


Places to choose for your Wedding Ceremony

The Seychelles is filled with spots that offer amazing landscape view and surroundings for your wedding ceremony. Here are a few places which are commonly loved by many among the world.

National Botanical Gardens

In the main island of the Seychelles, Mahé lies fifteen acres of lush vegetation that includes rare endemic flora and fauna such as The Coco de Mer palms. These gardens of Eden are located in the capital of the island which opens up whole lots of possibilities for your wedding.

Ste Anne Marine National Parks

This National Park is made up of six islands which can be visited through the sea from Victoria in Mahé. These six islands have beautiful beaches and provide tranquility and intimacy, ideal for the honeymoon that you had in mind.

Beau Vallon Bay

Beau Vallon is one of the best beaches of the whole archipelago. It is located in Mahé. The lagoon is perfectly calm and beautifully merges with the beach. This exotic spot is perfect for the activities that you might want to try out with your partner. There are a variety of water sports that are available at Beau Vallon, such as jet skiing, underwater walking, banana rides and many more.

Vallée de Mai

The Vallée de Mai National Park is among the few sites which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the National Park is located in the middle of Praslin, it has a forest which includes rare and endemic plants and birds. The Vallée de Mai is among the many attractions that you should have a look at together with your spouse during your honeymoon. Do not miss one of the rare occasions that you have to adventure in this old forest filled with natural treasures with the one.


La Digue

La Digue is a privately owned island which is administered by La Digue Lodge. The island is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, tranquil spots and beautiful landscapes. You are provided with anything that you might desire on the island by the 5 star hotel La Digue Lodge, while you wander around this exotic island full of surprises!