What to eat in the Seychelles

For those who are not aware, the Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands which is ideally found in the Indian Ocean. There are major tourist attractions and the islands are famous for their mesmerising beaches and clear lagoon. It is said to have some of the best beaches in the world. The main island which is the largest and most populated island is Mahe where most of the interesting attractions are found. Thousands of people travel across the world to witness the beauties of the Seychelles.

Del Place and Bar restaurant Seychelles

While its beauties will definitely mesmerize the most of you, food is a factor to consider before going on a trip to any foreign country you are planning for your holidays. However, you may expect an incredible range of restaurant, from small and simple restaurant to fine and cosy dining restaurant in the Seychelles. There are many places where you may have lunch or dinner which will suit your preferences. You will always be amazed by the quantity and the quality of food that the Seychelles offers. If you have a very tight budget, no worries! There are many food stalls where you may buy large portion of food which are really tasty and typically Creole cuisines at a very low price.

The Seychelles culinary is indeed something out of this world. The Seychellois menus are influenced by countries such as France, China, India and China. You have a variety of dishes which has mixtures of the culinary tradition of all over the world. The specialities of the Seychelles are seafood dishes cooked by following the typical Creole traditions. There are several dishes that you should give it a try and experience different cuisines on your holiday in the Seychelles. If you are wondering what to eat in the Seychelles, here are the most common dishes in the Seychelles.

Octopus Curry

Octopus curry

Here is the number one Creole food on the list that you should not miss while in the Seychelles. Octopus curry is the most famous dish among the Seychellois. While they love seafood, the Seychellois keep trying new seafood recipes but the octopus curry still remains their favourite to this day. It was a recipe invented many decades ago and it has always been the most liked dish in the Seychelles.

The tourists which have visited the Seychelles have become great fan of the octopus curry and it will sure be to your likings. It is an absolute favourite among tourists. The octopus curry is easily made and can be recreated back at your home country by following thse simple instructions. To make this delicious curry you will need some tomatoes, coriander, curry leaves, masala and the key ingredient which is the octopus. Boil the octopus then cut it into small pieces. After that mix and cook all your ingredients, then lastly add the octopus to it. You may also add some coconut milk.

Grilled Fish

Fresh Grilled Fish Seychelles

There is something unique about the Seychelles’ grilled fish! If you ever taste its grilled fish you will surely want to stay at Seychelles. There is one secret cooking step to get a perfect and juicy grilled fish to fill your empty stomach. The quality is unparalleled and the fish with be fresh and it does feel like really heaven in the mouth.

Normally, red snapper are considered to be the best fish for grill but you may also use jackfish, job fish or sailfish. The fish is firstly seasoned with chillies, garlic, salt and pepper (to taste) and some lemon juice. The fish in the cooked with coconut husk, which is the secret to have the perfect fish grilled. The coconut husk helps the fish to taste way lot better!

The shark chutney

The shark chutney Seychelles

The shark chutney is a unique recipe which was invented by the Seychellois themselves. Out of all the good menus in Seychelles, the shark chutney is unique to the Seychelles and if you find it elsewhere in the world, you should know that its origin lies in the Seychelles. This unique and copious dish does not need a lot of ingredient and effort. It can be easily made by everyone. The shark is firstly boiled to soften and then mashed to a good subsistence. After that lime juice, turmeric, onions and Bilimbi are mixed along with the mashed shark. Some people might also replace the shark with dried fish to get a different menu. You will find the best shark chutney at Creole takeaways in the Seychelles.

Bat curry

Bat curry Seychelles

Have you ever tasted the bat curry? If it is not the case then you should definitely have a taste of it! A little bit of patience would be required or else you will be annoyed while eating your bat curry as the bat have many small bones. The bat curry was invented in the Seychelles dating back to times where slaves had nothing to survive on but what nature would provide them. They would hunt bats and the resulting dish which they would make ended up a tradition preserved till today. However, the bat curry has now become quite difficult to recreate because the bats are now preserved by the Seychelles authorities. If you are getting an opportunity to taste it don’t hesitate as you might never get this golden opportunity again in your life!

Smoked fish salad

This is one of a simple but tasty dish in terms of ingredients. The smoked fish salad is typically a creole made dish! This dish is popular among the Seychellois hence you will not have to search a lot for it. The key ingredient for this superb meal is of course the smoked fish. To make a good and tasty smoked fish salad you will need lettuce, onions, cherry tomato, salt, pepper and some lemon juice. Mixed up all the ingredients and your salad is ready.


This delicious desert is simply made with banana or sweet potato. Either the banana or the sweet potato is cooked in coconut milk and sugar only. Let the coconut milk boil then add sugar stirs for a while then add the banana or the potato and let if cook for at least 20 minutes. While serving the desert flavoured such as vanilla, cinnamon or nutmeg are added as toppings on the dessert.

Breadfruit mash

Breadfruit mash

Here is another way of using the humble breadfruit! The breadfruit is the key ingredient for many dishes in the Seychelles. The breadfruit mash is a popular dish that both the local Seychellois and the tourists adore. The breadfruit is cooked, mashed and then mixed with chicken butter stock and curry powder.  The breadfruit resembles a lot like a potato but taste different and is really tasty.