Where to eat in the Seychelles

Anse intendance Mahe

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands. The islands of the Seychelles are where you would dream to spend a holiday at. It consists of everything that can offer you a perfect holiday. It is known mostly for its beauty, which some of them are considered as the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island is a mixture of culture, ancient from Africa, China and India came to establish in the island of Seychelles. Over the years the mixture of culture has formed a new culture which is called the creole culture. They even mixed their way of cooking.

Besides the beauty of the Seychelles islands, the other main reason why it attracts many tourists is because of their delicious and rare food. There are many homemade dishes that the Seychellois offers that can look or sound weird but feels like heaven in the mouth. The inhabitant are mostly for seafood, they can easily prepared or invent a new recipe within hours. Most people in the Seychelles survive by fishing and selling the product they caught. Their favourite dishes are fish ladop, octopus curry, shark chatini (mashed sharked, chilli) and the famous breadfruit.

Octopus curry Seychelles

Where to eat in the Seychelles? Well, the islands have everything you need, whether it is Italian, Indian or Chinese food. You may accomplish your desire at the Seychelles. There are food stalls all around the islands which sells different types of food and snacks. You can find some snacks including ‘Samosas’ or grilled peanuts on the street. Especially in the Mahe islands near the Victoria market, you will spot several street vendors, each of them selling different and copious snacks. You may also find food like burgers and chips or fried rice, it all depends on what you want to have.

If you are not into eating on the street then you may of course find a nice and cosy restaurant where you can fill up your empty stomach. There are several nice place where you may comfortably sit and enjoy your meal. You may choose a place where you can have a breath-taking view of the sea while having your feet buried in the sand or you may simply choose a nice and simple restaurant.

Restaurant in the Seychelles

La Grande Maison

La Grande Maison Seychelles

La Grande Maison is ideally located in the Takamaka Bay, it is said to be the perfect place you could go to have a fine dining experience. You will be amazed by the modern setting, it is really beautifully arranged and if you want you can even have your meal on the veranda. The chef is popular for her exquisite cuisine and it is her own dishes which are on the menu card. There is a huge variety of choices. La Grande Maison is that one only restaurant where you can leave up the decision of your meal to the chef and will surely end up with no disappointment at all.

Before going to the restaurant make sure you already book your place as the staff members will manage to make a special arrangement for you. The other reason why you should book before going is because you might not have a table at the La Grande Maison as at times the place can be over crowded. When you arrive here you will be welcome with a delicious Takamaka drink, courtesy of Christine (the chef). When you will see the setting and after the drink, you will not worry about the food quality anymore. The restaurant treats you with their specialities which are bilimbi and lime. They give you the opportunity to have an amazing exotic taste while adding some lime and bilimbi zest to the dishes. The taste is unique but you will doubtlessly be amazed and will adore the taste.

The friendly and welcoming restaurant is full of both the locals and tourist. You can either have a casual lunch or have a very classy lunch; it all depends on your budget. The restaurant offers both lunch and dinner. Once you taste its heavenly made food and its fabulous service you will keep wanting and trying other dishes of the restaurant. Of course the restaurant has special menus at times. The chefs always choose the menus of the day but she makes sure that the customers will be satisfied while walking away from the restaurant. Two of the most favourite special menus are the Creole Bouillabaisse and the seafood au coco. The seafood au coco is a special and unique dish invented by the chef, the seafood are served in a coconut. Isn’t that legit? Come and have a good time on your next visit to the Seychelles!

Chez Jules Restaurant

Chez Jules Restaurant Seychelles

Chez Jules restaurant is a new restaurant which was open some years back. It is owned by Jules as the name of the restaurant itself suggest and the dishes are prepare with love by Jules himself while he is sometimes helped by his family. Now the restaurant has been expanded to a beautiful and well-arranged corner. The restaurant offers only quality food but at an affordable price. La Digue is not a populated island hence you should not worry about the place, no big crowd are expected over there.

You may let the chef decides your meal; just tell him if you want veggies, prawn or any other stuff. He will prepare a wonderful meal by himself to surprise you with, taking you to a culinary adventure; it is a rare but good method as all his customers leave the restaurant with a more satisfied tummy and a smile of satisfaction. The restaurant also welcomes children with nice and colourful menus. After the dinner while you sipping your coffee you may let your children play around the restaurant with no worry.

The fact that you get to choose between letting the chef decides or ordering your meal from the menu card is what makes the restaurant unique and special. The customers always endeavour to come and have lunch or dinner at Chez Jules restaurant. The chef also offered traditional menus such as grilled fish accompanied with a copious homemade creole sauce. Having the octopus salad is a must if you eat at Chez Jules. The chef also encouraged his customer to taste different and unique fruit juice such as fresh mango juice and the famous papaya juice. If you are not a fan of the menus he is always ready to replace it into some other dishes. Make sure you eat at Chez Jules on your visit to the Seychelles islands; you will surely leave with no regrets!